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No-Sew T-shirt Bags

Upcycle Old T-shirts into Bags


Due to the increased demand on our pantry, we are in need of bags. Making no-sew t-shirt bags is a great project that you can do from home and allows you to re-purposes an old t-shirt.

No-sew t-shirt bags are sturdier than plastic bags, can hold more food items, and be re-used.  This project is also kid-friendly.

Drop off bags at the back door of the food pantry.  Not able to come when we're here?  Email Missy Reams to coordinate your drop off. 




(You can also go to and search for: no-sew t-shirts.  There are lots of how-to videos.)


  1. Start by cutting the sleeves off of the shirt. 

  2. Next, cut out the neck of the shirt. Instead of cutting the neck exactly around the stitching, you can cut a little bit lower down into the shirt so that the opening of your tote bag is large enough to get stuff inside. 

  3. Cut fringe along the bottom, about 3 to 4 inches long and about 1 inch wide. Make sure that you’re cutting through both the top and bottom layers of the t-shirt as you go. 

  4. Then, start tying your fringes together in a double knot.  

  5. Last, to strengthen and secure the bottom of the bag, tie the top fringe from one knot to the bottom fringe of the knot next to it, essentially making another row of double-knotted fringe that closes up the holes between the first set of double-knots.

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