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Volunteer Group Activities

Bidwell Riverside Center Volunteer Group Activities 
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at this location and can keep up to 75 volunteers busy at a time.  

Food and Clothing Pantry:

  • Welcoming families into the pantry and helping them check out their clothing selections.

  • Guiding the clients through their grocery shopping experience.

  • Sorting, hanging, and organizing clothing and household donations.

  • Stocking and facing the grocery aisles.

Storage Buildings:

  • Unpacking and organizing household donations from local retailers.

  • Sorting up donations and organizing them for easy access.  

Yard Work:

  • Weeding and watering flowerbeds. 

  • Raking and bagging yard waste. 

  • Trimming trees and fence lines. 

  • Mowing and trimming. 

Community Garden:

  • Weeding and watering the garden. 

  • Picking produce.

Child Development Center (weekends only):

  • Sanitizing toys.

  • Wiping down all fixtures and shelving units. 

  • Moving fixtures and sweeping underneath. 

  • Cleaning windows and wiping down walls.  


Hawthorn Hill Volunteer Group Activities

This location welcomes groups of 5-15 volunteers. Our shelter welcomes up to 8 families experiencing homelessness, so there is always lots to do.    


New Directions Shelter:

  • Deep cleaning the living room (cleaning walls and windows, moving all furniture and vacuuming, sanitizing toys, and organizing toys and books)

  • Deep cleaning the dining room (cleaning all walls and windows, wiping down tables and chairs, moving all furniture to sweep and mop)

  • Deep cleaning the kitchen (removing everything from the cupboards and refrigerator, wiping everything down, and organizing it all.


Donation Storage Room:

  • Organize newly received donations including clothing, bedding, toiletries, food, toys, and household items.


Clothing Closet:

  • Help repopulate the clothing closet with items from our donation storage room, providing clothing for the families staying in the shelter.


Yard Work:

  • Raking and weeding.

  • Trimming bushes.

  • Watering and weeding flower beds.

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