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No-Sew Blankets

Each holiday season, during Bidwell's Toy Pantry events, we give away no sew blankets to every family. Our dream is to be able to give a blanket to each of the 1,500+ children we serve during the holidays, rather than just one blanket per family.

Help us get a head start this year by purchasing the supplies needed to make the blankets! You can buy the materials from our Amazon list and have them shipped to Bidwell for volunteers to make the blankets, or you can purchase your own supplies to make the blankets at home and then drop them off at Bidwell. (This could also be a great at-home volunteer activity if you're not comfortable volunteering in person!)




(You can also go to and search for: no-sew blankets.  There are lots of how-to videos.)


  1. ​Choose the fabric. A print and a contrasting or matching solid works best. 

  2. Line up the two fabrics, right sides out. Anti-pill solids are fuzzy on the right side. Anti-pill prints will be more distinct on the front side. Regular prints are hard to tell - use the side that appeals to you.

  3. Trim the fabric pieces to the same size.

  4. Cut a 5-inch square from each of the four corners.

  5. Cut fringe on all four sides of the blanket. Cut through both layers of fabric at the same time. Fringe pieces should be a little wider than the width of your finger. Cut in from the edge 5 inches.

  6. Tie knots around the entire blanket. Leave your blanket laying flat on the surface, with all fringes lined up. You can do a balloon knot (tie them just like you would if tying off a balloon) or you can also tie a knot like you would make with a shoe lace.

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